“Evalulogix is the technology foundation that's helping us build an exemplary assessment program." 

Artis M. Callaham, Ed.D. Licensed Educational Psychologist.

Director, Student Services Magnolia Public Schools, Los Angeles, CA                       

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Professionally develop & manage your special education assessment program


Simplify special ed. assessment for educators and parents 

ScoreView automatically graphs complex scores from any test, making them clear, simple, and comprehendible, for parents and educators. Dashboards help educators combine multiple data to analyze for progress monitoring and program improvement.


Unify test scores into a simple graphic presentation and analysis format

"My favorite feature of Evalulogix is that I am easily able to create excellent visual graphics that help me to explain my complex findings to clients more clearly. I had tried to create such visuals on my own and found it to be a time consuming and difficult process, but they make it easy”! 
Dr. Maya Van Putten Psychoeducational Assessment & Educational Consulting San Francisco, CA

Office: (415) 439-3744 email: drmayavanputten@gmail.com

Document Collaboration
Document collaboration tools for Multi-disciplinary assessment teams

Graphs - Tables & Dashboards​​

Graphs – Tables & Dashboards
Unify test scores into a simple graphic presentation and analysis format


Professionally develop & manage your special education assessment program


Document collaboration tools for Multi-disciplinary Teams



Brooke Laird Educational Specialist Magnolia Science Academy San Diego, Ca
“I just wanted to thank you for creating such an awesome product. At the beginning, I was very unsure, but someone from Evalulogix was ALWAYS there to help. ScoreView is very user-friendly when inputting scores. I LOVE the graphs, they are much cleaner and easier to understand than the ones the testing company produces, and it is easy for parents and other teachers to read”.

 Steve Fisher, Psy.D. Associate Professor Programs in Educational Psychology California School of Education Alliant International University
 “I just grabbed Evalulogix on the run and started using it. It’s really increased my efficiency saving me a lot of time as well as enhancing my work with parents and fellow educators”.

  • Create and edit reports in your browser
  • Invite educators to collaborate on reports
  • Desktop integration with your favorite formats; Word, PDF, Google
  • DocsAuto-saves all data instantly


A comprehensive suite of tools to guide and develop your team:

  • Build your own report template library & share with colleagues
  • Real-time access to all ongoing and previous evaluations
  •  Recourse Library provides information at your finger-tips. Video and text P.D. delivered when and where it’s needed
  • Data dashboards for program improvement