Empower your team with state-of-the arttime saving tools. Real-time collaboration with all your staff on Special Education Assessment reports. District access to all student data and student reports. Build, publish and update district report templates easily with no technical skills required. If you have basic Microsoft Word knowledge, you can use Evalulogix. Put the information your examiner's need in the report section they need it, at the time they need it. Easily manage examiner accounts and student caseloads.

"The new Evalulogix works like Word, is on the web like Google Docs and is custom tailored just for the special education community"

John Brockman, MA, LEP, President & Founder Evalulogix


ScoreView saves time and improves reports by providing an automated table and graph builder. Our tables & graphs simplify analysis and presentation of complex scores for easy understanding by parents and educators. 

Enter a score & get a custom graph and a table with %-ile rank and descriptor -  it's that simple.  

Our web-based word processing interface designed to promote true Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration by combining the best features of Microsoft Word and Google Docs into a K12 Special Education Department Specific framework. This creates a highly effective collaboration tool that’s familiar and easy for special educators to adopt.     

Speech & Language Pathologist

Special Education Administrator

Student psychoeducational assessment data has never been easily accessible for aggregation into a school district data warehouse for analysis until now. For years, educators have proven the effectiveness of data-driven strategies using academic assessment data. ScoreView automates data capture, aggregation & district test development across multiple dimensions including Behavior/Social/Emotional, Basic Psychological Processes, Achievement, Cognitive/Intelligence, Speech & Language, Adaptive Behavior, and Developmental scores. These scores provide the most comprehensive psychological data ever made available and will allow the school district experts to better implement prevention, early identification, and intervention strategies to promote student mental health & prevent violence.

Evalulogix is a district-wide collaboration tool that helps special education administrators and examiners improve special education assessment programs.

Behavioral Specialist

Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration - Made Easy!

Build new or import existing Word report templates into the Evalulogix to build your own template library. Share templates from your library with colleagues. Collaborate with colleagues on Multidisciplinary Assessments. Paste content from other systems such as Word, Excel, Adobe, Image Files Etc. into your student report. Import/Export PDF and Word documents between your desktop and Evalulogix.

​Psychologist / Psychometrician

Physical /Occupational Therapist

 ScoreView offers psychologists and all assessment professionals a comprehensive time-efficient way to graph, analyze, interpret and present results from all tests used in educational psychology and special education. 

ScoreView includes over 300 tests and covers CHC theory, neuropsychological theory, and patterns of strengths & weaknesses among all academic and mental processing areas listed in Specific Learning Disability (SLD) eligibility criteria. In addition, ScoreView includes all tests pertaining to speech & language, behavior social-emotional, motor skills, adaptive behavior, autism, and vocational skills.
ScoreView professionally formatted graphs & tables include:

  • Individual test score tables & graphs
  • Cross-battery patterns of strengths & weaknesses graphs
  • CHC theory graphs
  • Neuropsychology graphs
  • SLD criteria-based graphs
  • Behavior / Social-emotional graphs
  • Table listing of all tests administered

Template Library

Works just like Word; it's on the web just like Google docs and it's designed just for special educators.  

"Evalulogix is one tool that I could not have lived without in my work as a school psychologist".

Jennifer H. Selke, Ph.D.   University of California, Berkely

District  Administrator

Assessment Collaboration & Management tools for the Special Education Administrator 

Special Education Teacher

Consolidate Student Data to Optimize Mental Health & Violence Prevention Programs