"The new Evalulogix works like Word, is on the web like Google Docs and is custom tailored just for the special education community"

John Brockman, MA, LEP, President & Founder Evalulogix


Organizes your students ina convenient filterable list.   You can access important information, search, filter, archive and retrieve all your student reports. 

Speech & Language Pathologist

Special Education Administrator

Evalulogix is a district-wide collaboration tool for all special education examiners and administrators to work together more efficiently and effectively.

Behavioral Specialist


Design & share assessment report templates. Works just like Word; it's on the web just like Google docs and it's designed just for Special Education Examiners and Administrators. 

School ​Psychologist

Physical /Occupational Therapist

ScoreView saves you time and improves your reports byautomatically building professional tables and cross-battery graphs that simplify complex scores for easy understanding by parents and staff.  



Special Education Teacher

Designed just for the School District Special Education Administrator. Real-time access to all evaluations, build & publish district report templates, add compliance guidance, collaborate directly with your staff.  



"Evalulogix is one tool that I could not have lived without in my work as a school psychologist".

Jennifer H. Selke, Ph.D.   University of California, Berkely