Designed just for the School District Special Education Administrator.

Empower your team with state-of-the art time saving tools. Real-time collaboration with all your staff on Special Education Assessment reports. District access to all student data and student reports. Build, publish and update district report templates easily with no technical skills required. If you have basic Microsoft Word knowledge, you can use Evalulogix. Put the information your examiner's need in the report section they need it, at the time they need it. Easily manage examiner accounts and student caseloads.

"The new Evalulogix works like Word, is on the web like Google Docs and is custom tailored just for the special education community"

John Brockman, MA, LEP, President & Founder Evalulogix


Speech & Language Pathologist

Special Education Administrator

Evalulogix is a district-wide collaboration tool for all special education examiners and administrators to work together more efficiently.

Behavioral Specialist

Caseload Manager

Works just like Word; it's on the web just like Google docs and it's designed just for special educators. 

Build new or import existing report templates into the Evalulogix to build your own template library. Share templates from your library with colleagues. Collaborate with colleagues on Multidisciplinary Assessments. Paste content from other systems such as Word, Excel, Adobe, Image Files Etc. into your student report. Import/Export PDF and Word documents between your desktop and Evalulogix.

School ​Psychologist

Physical /Occupational Therapist

ScoreView saves you time and improves your reports by automatically building professional tables and cross-battery graphs that simplify complex scores for easy understanding by parents and educators.
Psychometric Tests - ScoreView supports over 450 psychometric tests, including all that are used in Special Education. We can add any test you request quickly and at no cost.
Standard Graphs - Simply enter standardized scores as you normally would and ScoreView automatically builds your graphs, tables and list of tests administered.
Whole-battery Strengths & Weaknesses Graphs - Integrate scores from all tests into one standard formatted strengths & weaknesses profile. This helps both parents and educators more easily understand the meaning of numerous complex scores.  


"Evalulogix is one tool that I could not have lived without in my work as a school psychologist".

Jennifer H. Selke, Ph.D.   University of California, Berkely

Enter student information once and Caseload Manager organizes your students in a convenient list. You and your district administrator can access important information, search, filter, archive and retrieve all your student reports. Supports easy Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration on any reports. Archive completed reports for re-use later on annual and tri-annual reports



Special Education Teacher